June 2016 Endorsements

Thank you to all of the campaigns, D5 club members and guests who came to the District 5 Democratic Club 2016 June Election Endorsement Meeting on Thursday, April 7! Now the votes are in, our membership has voted to endorse the following candidates and ballot measures:

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee

Assembly District 17

Arlo Smith
Shaun Haines
Francis Tsang
Scott Wiener
Malia Cohen
Leah Pimentel
Gary McCoy
Alix Rosenthal
London Breed
Rebecca Prozan
Jill Wynns
Zoe Dunning
Joshua Arce
Tom Hsieh Sr.
Assembly District 19
Mary Jung
Rachel Norton
Joel Engardio
Kat Anderson
Keith Baraka
Emily Murase
Marjan Philhour
Trevor McNeil
Tom Hsieh Jr.
Mark Ferrell

State Senate, District 11: Scott Wiener

Superior Court Judge, Office Number 7: Paul Henderson

Ballot Measures

Proposition A: Support
Proposition B: Support
Proposition C: Support
Proposition D: Support
Proposition E: Support
District Measure AA: Support
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