Executive Board

The Executive Board made up of Officers elected by general membership following the November election each year and serve one year terms. Additionally, the Immediate Past President and Vice Chairs of standing committees also serve as voting members of the Executive Board. Executive Board meetings are held in January, April, July and November.

2015 Elected Officers

President: Alfredo Fletes

The President is the official voice of the Club and is our representative at all Democratic Party functions and maintains and strengthens communications with other Democratic Clubs. The President also schedules and presides over all meetings of the Club and appoints Vice Chairs of all standing and special committees.

Vice President of External Affairs: Aimee Ellis

The Vice President of External Affairs coordinates outreach efforts, co-sponsored activities, major community and external events, and voter registration drives. The Vice President of External Affairs also serves as Chair of the Issues & Action Committee and assists in the Club’s outreach to other Democratic organizations.

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Shanell Williams

The Vice President of Internal Affairs manages the Club's functionality, including the membership database and ensuring the Club is chartered by the San Francisco Democratic Party. Additionally, the Vice President of Internal Affairs is a member of all standing and special committees and serves as the Chair of the Membership Committee. The Vice President of Internal Affairs presides over meetings of the Club when the President is absent, and assumes the duties of the President in case of a vacancy.

Treasurer: Corey Smith

The Treasurer is responsible for tracking all fund raising activities, disbursements, receipts, banking relationships, FPPC & Ethics statements and ensures that any and all bookkeeping responsibilities of the Club are fully and properly performed. The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and is a member of any official fundraising committee. The Treasurer also prepares an annual budget and provides financial statements to the Executive Board at each regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting.

Secretary: Kanishka Burns

The Secretary prepares agendas, maintains all meeting minutes, and completes any other duties at the discretion of the President. The Secretary prepares materials as necessary to maintain the Club's membership in the San Francisco Democratic Party, and also serves as Chair of the Communications Committee to oversee our website and social media presence.

2016 Appointed Committees

Each of the elected members of the Executive Board have a role on at least one appointed committee. In addition, the President appoints a Vice Chair to each committee from among the membership of the Club, subject to majority approval by the Executive Board. Any member may serve on a committee, and the Vice President of Internal Affairs serves on all of them. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email the Executive Board at info@d5dems.org.

Issues & Action Committee: Chair Aimee Ellis

The Issues & Action Committee organizes endorsements, campaign mobilizations, events and Action Days.

Membership Committee: Chair

The Membership Committee maintains the Club’s list of members and meeting attendees. The Membership Committee also works to retain current members and recruit new members.

Finance Committee: Chair Corey Smith

The Finance Committee keeps track of member dues and coordinates all Club fundraising efforts.

Communications Committee: Chair Kanishka Burns

The Communications Committee maintains the Club’s website, develops and distributes the email list, manages the Club’s social media presence and produces all press releases for the Club.

Email the Executive Board: info@d5dems.org

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