November 2018 Endorsements

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Endorsement meeting in October!

D5 Democratic Club Endorsements are here: 

Community College Board:
1. Victor Olivieri
2. Thea Selby
3. Tied: John Rizzo and Brigitte Davila
Board of Education:
1: Michelle Parker
2: Tied: Monica Chinchilla and Phil Kim
Statewide Propositions: 
Prop 1: Yes
Prop 2: Yes
Prop 3: Tied
Prop 4: Yes
Prop 5: No
Prop 6: No
Prop 7:  Yes
Prop 8:  Yes
Prop 10:Yes
Prop 11: No
Prop 12: Yes
City Propositions :
Prop A (Seawall Bond): Yes
Prop B (Privacy Policy):  Tied
Prop C (Our City Our Home) : Tied
Prop D (Cannabis Tax):  Yes
Prop E (Arts Funding Measure): Yes
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