November Endorsement Voting

Election Day is coming up quickly and we need your votes for endorsements! Please be on the lookout for an electronic ballot from Helios in your inbox tomorrow. Please enter your votes by 5pm on September 19. 

This November we're facing a crowded ballot and decided to make Board recommendations. We also sent out a questionnaire to candidates and proponents and opponents of initiatives. 

In order for the District 5 Democratic Club Board to endorse a measure or candidate, it must be approved by 66% of the vote. The Board recommendations are below:

Senate: Kamala Harris
School Board: Rachel Norton and Matt Haney
CCSF: Alex Randolph and Shanell Williams
Prop A: Yes
Prop E: Yes
Prop G: Yes
Prop H: No
Prop K: Yes
Prop V: Yes
Prop RR: Yes
Prop 52: Yes
Prop 57: Yes
Prop 58: Yes
Prop 62: Yes
Prop 63: Yes
Prop 64: Yes
Candidate responses can be found here and ballot measure responses can be found here
Again - ballots will be sent to you tomorrow, on September 12. Please enter your votes by 5pm on September 19. 
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